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I've read other ex back books. They all suck. Why does yours work?


It's depressing the amount of crap out there on how to get your ex back. Many websites claim "You Can Get Your Ex Back in 7 Days!" You try their course and it seems to be the same rehashed information like "no contact" that leaves you frustrated.

Why is Bait Him Back and Bait Her Back any different? Good question.

I've had more break ups than I can count on my fingers and toes. I'm a picky woman. One man in particular caught my eye. He was hot, confident, funny, and easy to be around with. I thought things were going great until he called me to say he's breaking off the relationship. I froze.

This sent me on a search to discover what I did wrong and how I could get my ex back.

I spent $800 buying every "ex back book" I could find. There was some good information in them, but most of it was crap. I'll save you the time and money by telling you the common lesson they teach: "do not contact your ex".

The real discovery came from 3 solo-sessions I had with a psychologist. She revealed to me the imbalance dynamic of relationships. I also learned this from The Passion Trap, a good book you can buy on Amazon.

The secret to getting together again with your ex is having them want to be with you. This is why other ex back courses fail. They encourage you to manipulate your ex and use psychological tricks to get back together. Such books fail you because the imbalance dynamic of your relationship is not corrected. This causes your ex to not want to be with you.

After figuring out a complete system to get back an ex (which is now, my hottie is back and hooked on me. We're in a happy relationship.

I've learned a lot from my experiences and studies. What I learned has also helped many men get back with their girlfriends, women get back with their boyfriends, stopped divorces, and even rescued one girl from suicide.

I'm a real person who wants to help you. You can contact me. I can't provide free one-on-one advice because it takes too much of my time and it's unfair to those who pay me $1000 in consultations. That's why I put the best advice to get your ex back in Bait Him Back and Bait Her Back.

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