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What if I've already made a fool of myself?


Many break up mistakes pull you and your ex further apart. Mistakes are easy to make because you're in a crazy emotional state. As a recent break-upee, you may already have made common mistakes like:

  • Engage in panic contact. You text, mesage on Facebook, and make tonnes of phone calls
  • Stalk your ex on Facebook
  • Badmouth your ex to friends

I frequently get girls in tears coming to me worried they cannot get back their boyfriend because they made these common mistakes. Guys comes to me and try hard to cover their tears, but you can tell they want to cry. The good news is it's rarely too late to get your ex back.

The past is not what defines you. What you do now matters. If you held your breathe for 1-minute, do you care about those in China, what you ate for breakfast, or work you have to do today? No. All you care about is your next breathe.

Bait Him Back and Bait Her Back teaches you how to handle past mistakes and apologize to heal a broken relationship. More importantly, you learn how to take your "next breathe and help your ex breathe". Mistakes are irrelevant when you have the Bait Ex Back system to guide you with what to do. Guys can get their girlfriend back and girls get their boyriend back.

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