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“How To Get Her Wanting You Back
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Woman Reveals Insider-Secrets To Crack the Code To Your Ex Girlfriend's Heart So She Begs You To Take Her Back...

Dear heartbroken friend,

You deserve some good news right now - so here... It's actually quite easy to get your girlfriend back - if you know which emotional 'hot buttons' to press.

Trouble is, we all know guys and gals are poles apart... their brains are wired differently... some claim they are from a different planet!

So what do you do?

Employ an insider to DECODE THAT FEMALE ENIGMA wide open.

And the perfect insider is... ME!

Hi... my name is Jenna James... and I'm a relationships expert... but - above all - I'm a WOMAN...

... which means I know EXACTLY what goes on in the emotional maelstrom that is the female psyche.

So who better to help you get your girl back - fast... before she hooks up with another guy and it's all over for you?

But let me be blunt...

She's Emotional and Open to a Rebound Hook Up...

... so you can't afford to waste even a minute, because guys will already be circling, like hungry sharks, ready to take your babe away from you for good.

You see, girls are twice as likely as a guy to date "on the rebound". And it gets worse.

You Won't Want to Hear This, But...

... an extensive study of men and women's sexual habits, recently, discovered that - over a comparable period - women had nearly TWICE as many sexual partners as men.

What's more, women initiate more divorce proceedings than men.

And the reason is simple...

... girls DON'T GET what they really crave from their guys, so they feel compelled to keep searching.

But - once YOU understand...

... then she'll be back by your side lightening fast.

Because I'm here to give you the INSIDE TRACK on becoming a Zen Master in what women want and how to provide it.

Then you'll quickly be able to use your new-found skills to have your girl practically down on her knees, begging your forgiveness and imploring you to take her back. I guarantee it, because...

I'm Betraying My Sex Here...

... by revealing the secret female psychological "hot buttons"' you need to press to trigger an amazing positive response from ANY woman.

And the best bit is, my formula actually works even better in your exact situation, where you've endured a break up, because her whole being will be aching to be comforted.

And it makes little difference to her whether you - or some other guy - provide that comfort.

So here's just a tiny glimpse of the easy to follow, powerful, sure-fire techniques to get her back ultra-fast waiting for you inside my brand new program...

Bait Her Back

You'll also get two free bonuses available only here...

The 10-Minute Broken Heart Fix

Bonus #1: The 10-Minute Broken Heart Fix (value $27)

An 18-page report that reveals 5 amazing techniques from a breakthrough technology to fix your break up pain. You'll think it's magic when you feel better within 10 minutes than you have anytime in the year - even after your ex dumped you.

With this free bonus, you'll feel better then behave better and be more likely to get her back. You'll be happy whenever you want - guaranteed.

Relationship Resetter

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Has she stopped having sex with you, laughing at your jokes, or looking at you in that special way? You need this report to erase your mistakes 100% so it's like they never happened.

This 17-page report filters out all the bad from your relationship and keeps the good so she falls in love with you all over again... With this in your hands, she'll be deeply attracted to you.

So Just Imagine How Wonderful it Will Be...

... when she's kissing you again on your lips as you hold her close.

Imagine the sheer relief and elation of feeling her back into your arms... her hair brushing against your cheek, silky soft... that familiar fragrance that makes your senses go wild... the sweet touch of her soft lips on yours...

... it's all waiting for you.

So there's just a couple of things I need to cover... and this is the first...

What's Your Investment in the Keys to
The Wonderful Kingdom of Rekindled Love?

Because of my expertise in rebuilding seemingly hopeless relationships my fees run into the hundreds of dollars for a phone consultation and thousands for a face-to-face consultation.

But I know from the emails I receive from all round the planet that heartache and break up know no geographical boundaries. So I've set out everything you need in digital format.

That means you can be starting on your mission to get her back less than 5 minutes from now - regardless of where you are in the world and whatever the time of day or night.

Because I'm determined that nothing will stand in the way of your upcoming happiness and getting her back - and that includes the price.

I must make something clear, right away...

Either You Get Her Back - or
It Costs You Not a Single Red Cent

That's a measure of how confident I am this will work like gangbusters for you. So, if you follow the steps I lay out and still don't get her back - simply shoot me an email for a fast, no-quibble refund.


Fair enough?

As I mentioned earlier, even my phone consultations run from $260, for a half hour conversation, and upwards. But that wouldn't be a good solution for you... and here's why.

This is an emergency situation, where every minute counts.

So I've given you a wealth of information which you can dip into to quickly create your own rapid success plan, customized exactly to your personal situation. That would be impossible with a single phone call.

What's more, on a phone call, you'd either need to scribble boatloads of notes and miss half of what I was telling you... or fail to take notes and forget even more.

So now, you can not only enjoy the fastest possible tailor-made solution, I'm also delighted to pass you the cost savings. So, instead of your investment being $260 and upwards you can download the full program right away for just $97. But there's a catch.

I'm just launching this program, so you're in the right place at the right time.

Because the Early Bird Gets the Juicy Worm

Provided you're among the first 50 lucky guys shrewd enough to grab this (and you are because you see this message), your investment in the keys to the Kingdom will be LESS THAN HALF what others will pay shortly - just $47.

But I have a favor to ask for you in return for this discount I'm giving you.

This program is brand new and I expect it to be as well received as my other highly successful relationship products.

Right now, I need feedback from good guys like you, shrewd enough to invest in my new program.

So I've slashed the price in half for the first 50 Early Birds to make it easier for you to check out the program. Then - when you've won her back (as you surely will) I'd love to hear from you. It's that simple.

But if you are too busy making up, I'll completely understand. Fair enough?

So What's a Smart Move for You Right Now?

Either carry on licking your wounds and regretting the past, whilst the minutes and hours tick by... and the chances of getting her back grow slimmer and slimmer...


Make the smart move and grab this (risk free) offer to get your girl back far faster than you dare hope.

Then, when you feel her soft lips on yours and once again smell that familiar fragrance that makes your senses reel, you'll whisper a silent "Thank you. Jenna."

It really is a complete no-brainer, isn't it?

I'm really looking forward to helping you get her back... fast,

Jenna James

Jenna James
Jenna James
Ex back specialist
Bait Her Back author

P.S. You have my guarantee: you'll get her back or get back every penny of your purchase. The only way you can lose is by skipping this totally RISK FREE offer today... If you remain ignorant of how to get her back, you'll probably lose her for good.

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Here's What to Do Next...

Yes, Jenna! I Want My Girl Back - FAST!

I hope I'm in time for your generous price of just $97 $47.

I'm grateful for your kind 60-day "Get her back or your money back" guarantee and on that basis, here's my order:

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