Bait Your Ex Back Coaching

Jenna James here. I'm creator of the famous Bait Him Back and Bait Her Back courses that have helped crying women and men reunite with loved ones who went cold saying "it's over".

You can no longer get face-to-face coaching with me for thousands of dollars. The travel is not worth my time.

Fortunately for you, that means you get more attention. The only coaching available now is online for $497 a month - and that's if you qualify.

Here's how to get in:

  1. You must own one of Bait Him Back or Bait Her Back. Order now if you haven't at the provided links.
  2. Fill in the form here saying you want to be coached and share why you will take action.
  3. I'll see if you meet the above requirements and if you're willing to get off your ass to get your ex back. If you do, we can start.

So begin to win your ex back by filling in the coaching form.

Jenna James, a former serial 'break up artist'

Your friend,

Jenna James
Jenna James

If You Want Your Ex Back...

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