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Quick FAQ for the Affiliate Program

1. What company or software do you use to manage the affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is securely handled by Clickbank. If you don't already have a Clickbank account, get yours here.


2. What's the commission structure?

It's a flat 75% on all sales you refer. Sweet uh? It's like the lazy way to create and market your own product.


3. How will I be paid?

It depends on your Clickbank settings. Learn more here. Clickbank pay via bank deposit or check.


4. How much money can I earn?

We won't make claims about what you can earn. That's illegal. The guy's and girl's course each sell for $47. You get 75% commission, which is $35.25 per sale minus a small transaction fee. What you earn is determined by your knowledge of and drive to execute affiliate marketing. If you want to make more money, develop your affiliate marketing skills with this guide.


5. How does the email-capture page affect my affiliate marketing?

The home page captures a visitor's email address before they can read the sales letter and buy. Why do we do have this form on the home page?

Emails are captured to give visitors a free helpful course and to increase the number of sales. (If sales didn't increase, we wouldn't capture emails!) In our testing, you'll earn 45% more from the follow-up messages because not everyone orders the first time they learn about a product.

If someone you refer orders at a later date, you're likely to get the commission. This can't be guaranteed in any affiliate program because a person may click your link at work and buy at home. Rest assure, we use Clickbank as a secure third-party to track all affiliate sales and the email-capture page boosts your earnings.

If you still want to send visitors straight to the sales letter or a non-email-capture page, you can now do this.


6. Are there special guy's and girl's pages?

Yes! There's a special landing page for guys and another for girls if you only market to one group. You can also send visitors straight to either sales letter. Checkout the links section in the affiliate materials to learn how.


7. How do you track commissions?

We use Clickbank like 1000s of vendors. The exact technology Clickbank uses is secret, but insiders say they use a 60-day cookie and IP-based tracking. Be assured Clickbank is the leading online marketplace for affiliates and has been for over a decade.


8. My question isn't here, where can I get an answer?

Ask your question in a new support ticket.