Top 20 Facebook Status Updates to Make Your Ex Jealous

By Jenna James

Facebook status update making ex jealous

A few simple lines in Facebook can make it easier for you to get your ex back.

Facebook is an amazing communication vehicle so use it to make your ex jealous. You can get your ex back with Facebook alone, not even meeting face-to-face. Lots of people are already doing this, but there is a science to it. Most people type anything and everything because they're being guided by desperation. They're taking immediate action without thinking about what they're really saying.

The trick is to keep your posts positive. Don't blame others or put up vicious quotes, but don't brag about yourself either. These are break up mistakes. Focus your posts on what you're doing. A good gauge of what to write is to post things that even your grandmother wouldn't cringe at reading. In fact keep your posts to things she'd be proud of.

Below are 20 ideas to start with:

  1. Finally taking drum lessons!
  2. They were right; the guacamole at Taco Heaven is to die for. Could've eaten it all night.
  3. Had a fantastic weekend. Who knew I could snowboard?
  4. Has anyone ever stopped you in the middle of a grocery store and randomly said you're beautiful. Made my day!
  5. Thanks everyone for coming to my art opening. It was an unforgettable night.
  6. If anyone finds my favorite Red Sox hat, let me know. I was so distracted by all the craziness, I totally forgot it.
  7. Absolutely obsessed with my new computer.
  8. Day off; going on an adventure with my girls/guys.
  9. Thrilled to have gone hiking and camping with my favorite cousins.
  10. Trying to figure out what food to bring to the bonfire on the beach tonight.
  11. Off to carb load for the road race tomorrow. Can't wait for homemade pasta.
  12. Focus your posts on what you're doing.
    On my third cup of coffee. What a night!
  13. Exams are over. Let the celebration begin.
  14. California-bound. Watch out!
  15. Me and the new puppy heading out to get our shots! ;)
  16. The rain sabotaged my plans but ended up having the best afternoon ever.
  17. Does anyone know how to post a video to youtube? Just took the most hysterical video on my phone.
  18. Only I would leave my cell phone in a taxi. Bright side - have a brand new iphone!
  19. Post a favorite quote.
  20. Post a cool picture or video and comment on it.

These are just some ideas for Facebook status updates to make your ex jealous. Customize them to make them your own, and the jealously that will follow will be priceless. Notice how none have a direct bragging quality, and none are unnecessarily vicious. They're all just simple ways to say what you're doing, leaving just the right amount of mystery. Your ex sees that you're having a good time on your own, and you don't look a bit jealous or bitter.

The Facebook status updates are sure to create just the right level of intrigue, and make your ex super jealous. Of course you'll want to supplement these statuses by using other tips and techniques for a complete system to get your ex back. Lucky for you, they are all conveniently compiled in Bait Him Back and Bait Her Back.

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