The Best Way to Get Your Ex Back

By Jenna James

Ex back

There is one popular way to get your ex in your arms again

The best way to get your ex back is the best way to get anything in your life. Find out what the other wants, and then show that person how you can give that to them. Any great salesperson will tell you this. If a person is out shopping for a new car, and keeps mentioning cargo space, you wouldn't stress the fact that the car is fast. You'd focus on the how spacious the car is.

The same is true for your ex. If your ex is looking for someone independent, the last thing you want to do is encroach on your ex's space looking for reassurance. You wouldn't get your ex back by showing up wherever they are and begging for attention. That is NOT independent. Act independent, and your ex will take notice. He or she will think, "Hey, that's what I want," and there you'll be... ready to give it to him or her.

There was obviously a reason why you and your ex broke up. Don't fight this reason. Let it be what it is. Agree and understand that this is a valid reason for any break-up, and then gently make actions to the contrary. Eventually you'll start to spot signs your ex wants you back.

So if the reason for your break-up involved communication problems, make a special effort to communicate effectively in your interactions with your ex. If your break-up had to do with differences of interest, take time to inquire about those areas in your ex's life. Maybe ask about that basketball game or engage in conversations about that art show.

What one focuses on tends to grow...

Being told that you're wrong is never pleasant. Therefore, you never want to accuse your ex of being the cause of the break-up. This is not to say that you have to admit that it was your fault. Leave blame and fault at the door. Instead focus on positive things and highlight the things that were good between you. What one focuses on tends to grow and overbear the things that aren't focused upon, so why look for the bad when the good is right there.

Ultimately, the best way to get your ex back is to do what's best for your ex while also doing what's best for you. If that car dealer is trying to sell you a tiny convertible by telling you it's spacious because that's what you're looking for, it's not going to work. Just like if you promise to be outgoing and you're not, it's not going to work. The best way to get you ex back is to be honest and smart about how you show it. Highlight the good, and the good will get noticed.

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