10 Potent Psychological/Emotional Triggers to Get Your Ex Back

By Jenna James

Psychological/Emotional Triggers to Get Your Ex Back

Psychological and emotional triggers are powerful and can amaze people - especially your ex.

Ever wonder how some people break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and seem to magically be back together within days or weeks. It seems like it took little to no effort, and all of sudden things are back to as they used to be...many times even better. Though it looks like magic, it's just that these people understand and employ something you may not know. There are specific psychological and emotional triggers to get your ex back. Put them to use, and you'll see your ex coming back to you as well.

1. Make Your Ex Think That You Don't Want Him or Her Back

It's a fact of nature that people want the things they can't have, therefore once your ex believes that he/she can't take you back whenever, your ex will want you more than ever.

2. Don't Change Their Mind. Change Their Mood

When it comes to love, people don't react with their mind. They act based on their mood. Therefore, all of the rationalizing and reasoning you present to your ex is essentially falling on deaf ears. Even if you could come up with the most brilliant logic for why they should take you back, it just isn't going to work. Change their mood. Talk about what things were like before they went awry. Bring up the fun things you used to do together and appeal to their heart. Suddenly, you might find they won't be in this state of indifference toward you.

3. Appear Happy Not Depressed

The break-up hasn't defeated you; it's made you stronger. Once you start moping around, you make yourself look about 95% more attractive. Use the right Facebook status updates to show this - and you can make your ex jealous. Even if you're not happy on the outside, act it and your mood will follow. If your ex sees you when you're depressed, there's no way he or she will come racing back to you. Would YOU want to spend time with someone with a black cloud over their head? Neither will your ex.

4. Turn the Tables; Make Your Ex Feel Like the Dumped One

So if your ex tries to talk to you, the trick is to be preoccupied with other things. Don't let what they say faze you and don't reveal that you've gotten your hopes up because they've contacted you. You moved on essentially. Let your ex be the one to beg for you back.

5. Have Stories to Tell; Animate Your Life

No one wants to hear they were so obviously not the one...

Remember one of the most important things is to not let your ex think that you've been sitting around pining...even if you are. Therefore when you do see or talk to your ex, have plenty of stories ready of the fun and exciting things you've been doing since he or she left you. It's a great way to make your ex jealous without blatantly trying.

6. Be How You Were, Not How You've Been

Right before the end of the relationship, you two had probably gotten yourself into a rut or negative cycle. The key is to recall what things were like in the beginning and recreate them. If you found yourself being a little possessive in the end, drop that jealousy. If you used to do thoughtful things for no reason, figure out a way of being thoughtful now that doesn't scream desperate. You want your ex to remember the good times, not to be reminded of the bad ones. This is why it's never too late to get back your ex.

7. Stay Calm, Cool and Collected At All Times

The last thing you need to be doing is getting all fired up when you see your ex doing something you don't want to see. If you see him or her with another person, don't let any sort of anger show. Flip out and you'll be sorry.

8. Let Things Get Awkward

If you've dated for any length of time, you two are probably very comfortable with each other and have certain ingrained behaviors. You're probably used to calling each other, "Babe" or kissing upon departure. When you see your ex, act a little awkward. You want your ex to feel like it doesn't make sense you can't do these things and that to not do them is wrong.

9. Use Reverse Psychology

Blatantly tell your ex if you see him or her that, yeah you weren't right for each other or that things could never work out. Your ex will hear this and immediately think the opposite. No one wants to hear they were so obviously not the one and that you can so clearly see that.

10. Pursue Your Own Interests and Then Flaunt Them

Now that you're single, you have to do all the things that the two of you only talked about. Do these things so that your ex will find out. Chances are your ex will feel so left out and disappointed that he or she will start reconsidering their decision to end the relationship.

Follow these tips, and your ex is sure to start missing you. Don't feel like you're being manipulative. All of the above suggestions are essentially tips on helping you lift your own spirits. Because they're focused on you, they work perfectly to lure your ex back. Your ex feels left out. They begin to feel like the "tossed out" one.

In addition to these psychological and emotional triggers to get you get your ex back, I have plenty of more great techniques to woo your ex and boost your mood. Check out my books Bait Him Back and Bait Her Back. They're jam-packed with the information you need to gain the upper hand and get what you want.

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