How to Make an Ex Who Doesn't Love You Want You Back

By Jenna James

Ex leaving her partner who wants her

What if your ex who said "I don't love you", wanted you again?

The age-old conundrum - how to make an ex want you back. "Baiting" your former lover back is something that's been practiced for years; but does it work? The answers probably vary, but the ethics of this is something to be debated. You can get back an ex who doesn't love you.

If your ex doesn't come back willingly, there is no point in having your ex back at all. It's fine to "bait" if your ultimate intention is to get what the TWO of you want. It's disingenuous to "bait" to get what YOU want regardless of whether your ex wants that or not.

Should the "get your ex back" endeavor fail, getting back together again with you ex may not be the solution best for you. When you force things to happen a certain way, you automatically push out the chance that something else can come along. An ex does not always show signs of wanting to get back. Tricking someone into love is ultimately unfair to both of you.

How do you know the difference?

Think of luring your dog into a car. Yes, you might use a favorite bone or toy to get him in the car, but if your dog does like going to the park, which first requires a car ride, are you really being evil? You're simply using the sort of bait you know will work in order to facilitate a situation that's good for all involved parties.

You're simply creating an opportunity to unlock a door that shouldn't have been closed...

Your ex may really want to be with you. There just might be some differences that need to be addressed and dealt with before you two are ready to be back together. Therefore, if you use a lure to get your ex to attend a party so you two can actually meet up, then it's not "evil." It's a creative way to make something happen.

It's the same as if your best friend baited you on a blind date promising you he'd pay or that he'd "owe you." Your friend's intentions are good. He just needs to get you there in order to let destiny take over. If he has to use a lure, then so be it.

Sure destiny might not take over. But baiting is the only way to know for sure. There are psychological and emotional triggers to get her or him in your arms again. If your ex refuses to talk to you because of some misunderstanding, a little baiting isn't wrong. You're not about to force your ex to love you. That's something your ex has to come to on his or her own. You're simply creating an opportunity to unlock a door that shouldn't have been closed (or slammed, in some cases).

If you'd like to know a little more about baiting and other techniques on how to make an ex want you back, even if they currently do not love you, Bait Him Back and Bait Her Back are the perfect resources to get you on your way.

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