How to Get Your Ex Back Using Facebook

By Jenna James

Ex back on Facebook

There are little-known secrets to use on Facebook to get your ex back

Facebook is a potent yet nonchalant means of getting your ex back. It's easy to learn how to get your ex back using Facebook, if you know the right things to highlight and crucial things to block. Make your ex jealous with a simple click of a mouse. When you play it smart on Facebook, you can position yourself in such an enviable light that your ex will be obsessively Facebook-stalking you and cursing the day he or she left.

But don't be hasty. If you play it wrong, you can do a lot of serious damage on Facebook to not get back your ex, so you want to be sure that your techniques are solid and surefire before you implement them. Otherwise your ex won't be so easily persuaded. They'll be more like deterred.

  1. My most important tip is to never post anything about how you're feeling. You want to focus on what you're doing, the exciting places you're going, the covetable plans you have. Don't overdo it though. Too much "excitement" will make you seem fake and showy. Two posts a week will be sufficient. You want there to remain a little mystery in what you're doing the rest of the time. If you're constantly posting to Facebook, when are you doing these amazing things?
  2. Those events, parties, gatherings that you always get invited to on Facebook and usually ignore - say yes to all of them. Your ex needs to see that your life hasn't stopped, that it may have even gotten better. There's no better way to say so much without saying anything at all.
Never post anything about how you're feeling.
  1. Change your relationship status...but do it privately. You don't want any of your other friends inquiring about the break-up or displaying their pity. This can cause trouble and paint you in an unattractive, pathetic light. Get the status change done quickly and quietly, and you'll have the advantage.
  2. The good thing about going out and spending time with your friends is that it gives you ample opportunity to take pictures. The ultimate goal here is to get yourself into as many pictures as possible, get them posted and yourself tagged (preferably not by you.) If other people are tagging you, it will make your ex jealous. You constantly tagging yourself, comes off as if you're trying too hard.
  3. Use some of the top 20 Facebook status updates to make your ex jealous.
  4. Add new friends. Mix it up between guys and girls. Don't let it seem like you're just out collecting random people of the opposite sex to be your friend. Your goal is to just look like you're out in the world having fun and meeting people naturally...because that's just how amazing and personable you are.
  5. Finally, don't initiate contact with your ex. Use these tricks and watch it happen the other way around.

Sounds easy right? It's rarely too late to get your ex back. There are so many other surefire tricks on how to get your ex back using Facebook that I'd love to share with you. I've compiled everything you need to know about getting your ex back in my book. Your ex won't remain your ex for long. Girls, discover how to get him back. Guys, learn how to get her back.

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