21 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

By Jenna James

A sign of an interested ex

Strong eye contact is one sign an ex wants you back

Once the final parting happens, and the days start going by, it's natural to wonder whether or not your ex misses you. You need answers and you desperately want to know the signs your ex wants you back. Once you know what to look for, you'll be able to read your ex's actions easily. You can deduce from these actions what your ex truly wants and take action to make it happen.

So here are the signs...

1. Your ex still keeps remnants of you around the house - If your ex can't bear to toss the physical reminders of you into the trash or even tuck them away in a closet, he or she still has a thing for you.

2. You're still on speed dial - This may be hard for you to find out, but if by chance you're ex "pocket-dials you, it may mean that your still on his "most frequently dialed numbers" list.

3. Still talks to your friends - If your ex consistently reaches out to your friends and continues these interactions as usual, there is still some spark there. Your ex fears being left out of the loop. This is one of the ways to use facebook to get your ex back.

4. Defriends you on Facebook but remains friends with your sister or some other important person in your life - This is a discreet way of keeping an open window back into your life and a great sign.

5. Drunk dials you - They say your true feelings come out when you're drunk. If you're getting calls at two in the morning, you're very much on your ex's mind. Even if the message is garbled and ridiculous sounding, smile because your ex wants you on the other end of the line.

6. Frequents your favorite locations - This is a tell-tale sign that your ex wants to run into you... and convenient considering that you want to be ran into.

7. Lingers - Whether it be staying on the phone line until YOU end the conversation or loiters in your vicinity when the two of you are out in public, the need to be with you is palpable.

8. Alludes to possible future plans - If there's talk of the future, regardless what it is, your ex sees you in it.

9. Remains single - If your ex shies away from dating, getting too close to someone else, or getting in a rebound relationship, he or she is most likely hanging on to some sort of feelings for you. Even if your ex is seeing someone else, they can want you back.

If your ex rehashes break up details every time you see each other, you and the relationship are still fresh in your ex's mind.

10. Your ex continues to use cute nicknames - If you find your ex keeps "slipping" and using pet names for you, he or she is definitely finding it hard to let go.

11. Will ask you for advice on various topics - This is an especially sure sign your ex wants you back when the advice is on ridiculous or trivial matters. In these instances, you can rest assured that your ex is just using any excuse to talk to you.

12. Blames himself or herself for the break-up and makes sure you know this - It's not a pleasant feeling taking the blame for anything, so if your ex is willing to make it out to be his or her fault, your ex is hoping to make up.

13. Tries to talk of the break-up - While most see this as a negative, it can actually be a positive. If your ex rehashes break up details every time you see each other, you and the relationship are still fresh in your ex's mind.

14. Changed something that you always disliked - This could be something about their appearance, a bad habit or maybe even just the placement of a lamp in his or her apartment. Why else would your ex bother to make any sort of change unless he or she was hoping for something?

15. Mentions that his or her family misses you - This is an indirect and nonchalant way of saying, "I miss you."

16. Still buys you things you love - If your ex just happens to show up with your favorite coffee, you can bet that feelings still exist there.

17. Still compliments you - If the compliments keep coming at you, you're in a good position. There's still something about you that your ex just can't get over.

18. Looks you in the eyes - If your ex was cheating or was really ashamed at what he or she had done to you, your ex wouldn't be able to look you in the eyes without feeling awkward. If you're still experiencing that lingering eye contact, you still have a hold of your ex.

19. Reaches out to touch you in conversation - Whether it's a reflex or not, your ex would make a point NOT to touch you if he or she was not interested. There's a strong emotional trigger in touch to get back an ex.

20. Talks loud in a crowd to get your attention - If it seems like your ex is talking to you rather than the people directly in front of him or her, your ex is looking for your attention.

21. Teases you - Let's face it, not all people are comfortable in dealing with emotions and awkward situations, so oftentimes the first reaction is to tease and seemingly insulting gentle jokes. You can tell the difference between blatant demeaning insults and innocent jabs. If it's the latter that you notice, your ex is awkwardly begging for you to bite at his or her "Bait."

So if you're noticing any of the above behaviors, it's a sure sign your ex wants you back. When you're ready and the circumstances are right, take the initiative and go for it. For everything you need to get your ex back, take a look at my book (Bait Him Back and Bait Her Back). It is specifically created to help you take advantage of these signs and get your ex back on your terms.

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